GDS Salt Spreader

Standard Features

  • 465 litre hopper capacity
  • Unique agitation system
  • Floor conveyor system
  • 1.5-10m spread width (standard gearbox)
  • 3–14m spread width (high-speed gearbox)
  • Can cast salt to left or right
  • Easy to adjust sluice gate regulates flow
  • Strong construction - built to last
  • Zinc base coat plus two-pack enamel paint finish
  • Handles rock salt even when wet
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch

GDS Salt Spreader

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Some salt spreaders marketed in the UK have been designed for North American or Scandinavian markets where salt is not used, due to their winter temperatures being considerably lower than those in the UK. Road salt is only effective when the temperature does not fall below -8 degrees celsius - below that and the salt does not melt the ice. When the temperature does fall that low, the USA and Scandinavia use grit, which doesn’t melt the snow and ice, but does provide better purchase for tyres.

The Logic GDS Salt Spreader is a ground drive spreader used to spread road salt in UK winter conditions. It uses a moving-floor conveyor system similar to highway sized salt spreaders to convey the salt to the spinning disc system. It is a ground drive unit and will hold 465 litres (approx. half a tonne) of salt, providing useful capacity. The GDS range is capable of spreading all types of material including wet rock salt, grit and sand. A unique agitation system and conveyor floor ensures wet or dry material can be spread effectively and accurately by a spinning disc. Working speeds of up to 15mph and road speeds between sites of up to 30mph mean wide areas can be covered quickly and efficiently. Suitable towing vehicles include tractors, 4x4 vehicles and pick-ups. It is built to withstand the harsh conditions which occur when using road salt. The corrosive effects of road salt can quickly bring equipment to a premature halt unless it has been designed to cope.
It is very quick to deploy at the first signs of bad weather and for winter gritting jobs it dramatically reduces the time needed to complete the task, when compared to the manual alternative of spreading salt or grit using shovels. If you require a powered version, please see our PDS model.

Winter Maintenance applications

The GDS range can allow equipment to get access to areas when conditions are slippery. The GDS provides an ideal way of gritting roads ‘on demand’. The lowest width setting allows many miles of pathways to be covered without replenishment. The unit can cast the salt to the left or right meaning that it can spread salt underneath parked cars.

Product features

The GDS has application rates of between 5 - 80 grams/sq metre. Spreading widths vary between 1.5 - 10 metres with the standard gearbox and 3 - 14 metres with the optional high speed gearbox. The unit has a drive engagement lever so that the unit can be taken out of work, making towing between jobs is considerably easier. The road legal option is especially useful when a number of sites need to be covered. Simplicity of design and operation with minimal maintenance, together with options of finish (including stainless steel) ensure a trouble free and long life.

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