LOGIC - STT 300 Trailer - 1500 X 1000 X 380mm 165 x 8 Wheels  £610.00 + vat

LOGIC - STT 400 Trailer - 1500 X 1000 X 380mm 22 x 11 - 8 Floatation Wheels  £695.00 + vat

High sided livestock trailer - all welded construction, extremely durable, should still be the same after 10 years use - our most popular model. Choice of wooden ramp, mesh disde hinged or half door ramp tailgates. Mudguards available on all single axle trailer models.

Standard Features

  • Trailer body dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 380mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised body for durability
  • Quality timber floor for long life
  • Bead lock wheel rims for added safety
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch
  • Flotation tyres for low ground pressure


  • Alloy treadplate floor
  • Standard tailgate
  • Turf tyre option available
  • Extended sides
  • Extended headboard

What does this do?

Well, what does any trailer do? The STT is a general purpose off-road trailer. Around the yard, arena and paddock there are lots of things you could put in there: tools; equipment; fence posts; buckets; feed; jumps; straw bales; manure (though you might find the TGT400 a more useful trailer for this); you can put a bowser in there (see the SLB100); bags of fertiliser etc.

The STT is a versatile asset in any equestrian situation. Trailers are useful.

Why do I need one?

You can do a lot with a wheelbarrow. But when you have quantities of anything that makes more than one trip with the barrow necessary - or something that’s too heavy or bulky for the barrow - then having a trailer makes it so much easier and quicker. This becomes particularly important when you have to move these heavy items around ‘off road’.

The STT is a low ground pressure trailer, meaning that so long as it is used in conjunction with a low ground pressure towing vehicle (such as an ATV) the passage of the rig does no damage to the ground. Everyone has seen the damage that occurs in areas of heavy use such as gateways when tractors or even 4 x 4s are used to go back and forth.

The STT and ATV is a great way of minimising damage and can allow you to get onto the paddock in conditions which you wouldn’t even consider if you were using a tractor.

Where do I use it?

Yards, paddocks, arenas. Never leave any implements out after use where animals can come into contact with them - you can work out why!

How does it work?

The STT is a versatile, low-sided trailer, which means you don’t have to lift things very high to get them over the sides.

However, we make a variety of options you might find useful: extension sides (to make the sides higher); an extended headboard; extended tailgate; mudguards and wheel guards. We also offer flotation tyres for very soft going.

If you want a tipping trailer for mucking out, we’d suggest the TGT 400. The STT is a great, multi-purpose trailer and benefits from Logic’s legendary robust construction. It’s fully galvanised so it will be a feature of your yard for many years to come (many of our agricultural customers use STTs, and we know some who are on their 3rd or 4th ATV but are still using their original STT!). You can use any suitable vehicle for towing the STT: ATV, UTV, 4x4, small tractor etc. The STT is an off-road trailer.



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