Designed to self load, carry and tip hay and straw round bales. Ideal for equestrian units and livestock farms, maximum load 600kg.

Standard Features

  • 600 kg capacity
  • Low ground pressure tyres (23 x 10.5 - 12)
  • 50mm swivel ball hitch
  • Bale winch
  • Tipping mechanism
  • Designed for one person to load, transport and tip round bales

What does this do?

Picture the scene: you’ve got access to lots of lovely hay. All in big round bales. But to get it to where it’s going to be most useful, you need some sort of tractor or loader. Not any more! The Logic LBT100 makes it easy for one person (and not a very strong person at that) to easily move big bales around. Using a clever system of straps and winches and combined with Logic’s superb design, big bales can be picked up, trailed to where you need them (using virtually any vehicle) and unloaded safely.

Why do I need one?

Big bales are everywhere these days - but they’re pretty hefty things - you can’t just tuck one under your arm. So to get with the big bale programme, you need to be able to zip them about the place to your heart’s content. Getting the bale to where you’re going to use it makes life a lot simpler and more convenient.

You’ll be astonished at how easy it all is with this superbly designed piece of kit. It uses points of balance, centres of gravity, forces of leverage and all sorts of things that used to make Physics lessons so interesting to help you to care for your horse (I knew Physics had to have a use!).

Where do I use it?

Paddocks, yards - “Big bales? Pah! They’re easy!”. Never leave any implements out after use where animals can come into contact with them - you can work out why!

How does it work?

It’s all in the clever, pivoting cradle really. That and the simple yet effective strap system for taking all the strain out of the job and keeping the bale secure. As mentioned, to describe its operation is much more difficult than you’d think so a video will be available soon, or there’s photos above which do a much better job than mere words.



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