CTF250 Contact 2000 2.5m wide, offers a revolution in contact weed control. It features a unique contra-rotating brush application that provides excellent plant contact due to its combing action, with bristles retaining high levels of chemical. Only targeted weeds are treated resulting in tremendous cost savings.

Standard Features

  • 1.5m and 2.5m versions available
  • Offset drawbar
  • Chemical control system
  • Contra-rotating chemical brush
  • Only targeted weeds treated
  • Saves on chemical costs compared with chemical spraying
  • Ensures excellent coverage of weeds with chemical


  • ATV wiring harness
  • 2 or 3 gang options (5.0m and 7.5m width coverage)
  • Drawbar mounting kit for 60ltr sprayer
  • Bout marker
  • Repair kit for PVC spray lines

The Logic Contact 2000 range is the most advanced and efficient weed wiper system available. It has been designed to be towed behind an ATV (or other suitable vehicle) and is powered by the ATV electrics. The 60 litre capacity carries enough chemical to treat a very wide area, simply because only the targeted weeds come into contact with the chemicals.

A unique, contra-rotating brush ensures that each weed plant is liberally coated with chemical, ensuring rapid and effective weed control while at the same time eliminating chemical wastage and leaving untargeted plants untouched. The Contact 2000 differs from other weed wiping systems in that there is a reduced likelihood of the brush unit dripping excess chemicals due to the inherently greater saturation characteristics of the brush when compared with fabric or ‘carpet’ type wipers.

This characteristic also avoids the chemical running to the lower end of the shaft when traversing across an incline. In this situation, the lowest end of a carpet weed wiper will over-saturate and drip heavily. With the Contact 2000, the brush prevents this happening.

All Estate Management applications

Weed control is a vital process for any grower. The Contact 2000 system ensures effective measures can be taken against many common weed species (e.g. rush, bracken, thistle etc).

Product features

All Contact 2000 models consist of the trailed brush unit which has offset draw bar facility and the chemical control system.

The units most often use a Logic on-board sprayer unit as the feed source for the chemical, which should be specified separately (depends upon individual circumstances and additional uses for weed control/spraying systems). The sprayer unit feeds the chemical at a controlled rate to ensure the correct saturation of chemical on the brush unit. With the height set correctly to target just the weed plants which require treatment, the unit is simply switched on to start the brush rotating and the unit is towed across the area needing treatment. A bout marker is available to provide a visual indicator of the area covered, which is ground driven from the Contact 2000 spray line.

Note: Up to three Contact 2000 units can be ganged to give a coverage width of 7.5 metres.


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