OBS640S 60ltr capacity sprayer - One of our most popular units, cost effective and ideal for spot controlling weeds in grassland, around field hedges and buildings. This unit is also ideal for easy connection of 2 accessories e.g. boom and handlance.

Standard Features

  • 60 and 135 litre capacities available
  • 12v on-board pump
  • In-line filter
  • Drain plug
  • Filter basket


  • ATV wiring harness
  • High-capacity pump
  • Ratchet straps (if required)
  • Boom/hose reel bracket
  • Hand lance/hose options (10/15m)
  • Boom options

What does this do?

If you have a need to control weeds in your paddock, you might consider whether an on-board sprayer would be more cost-effective than a dedicated, trailed sprayer. The two do the same basic task, but the on-board sprayer needs to be mounted on a vehicle (designed for quads but could be fastened into a 4x4, pickup or tractor). When you need to spray, you would mount the on board sprayer onto the rear rack of your quad (or in the back of your pick-up/4x4/UTV/small tractor) then just whiz around the paddock getting rid of those pesky weeds.

Why do I need one?

All horse owners must to be aware of the need to control weeds. Ideally, you should identify all the plants that occur in your paddocks and tackle the undesirables, but make the most of the ones that enhance the grazing and palatability for your horse. As well as poisonous plants there are those that are just a nuisance. Spraying is the accepted method for weed control in many instances. You should follow the chemical manufacturer’s guidelines for where and when to spray, paying particular attention to the amount of time after spraying that you need to leave the paddock clear. Whether you’re spraying over a wide area with a boom, or spot-treating weeds with a hand-lance, the on board sprayer range gives you a complete set of tools to handle spraying jobs both large and small.

Incidentally, if you have large areas of tall weeds, you might consider our Contact 2000 weed wiper. This uses the OBS tank and pump to supply chemicals to a unique counter-rotating brush which is trailed behind the vehicle. The Contact 2000 ‘paints’ chemical directly onto the weed. With no wastage of chemicals, this makes treating large areas of tall weeds (e.g. bracken, thistles or rushes) an extremely cost-effective option.

Where do I use it?

Paddocks or any grassed area. Never leave any implements out after use where animals can come into contact with them - you can work out why!

How does it work?

The chemical is mixed in the tank. You have the option of using a boom setup (with a number of nozzles) or a hand lance which can be attached to a hose reel for ‘roving’ work on foot (for example, when working in restricted places that will not accommodate the vehicle). The integral electric pump (12v) provides the power for the unit and the remote controls allow the spraying to be stopped and started from the driving seat.

Always follow the chemical manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safety both of the operator and of the animals that will use the paddock subsequently. Because we have such a wide range of on board sprayer options we are most happy to discuss your individual situation and advise on the best configuration for your needs, so please give us a call.


LOGIC - OBS690S 60 Litre Capacity Sprayer with 9ltr/min at 3 bar (40 psi) pump and full pressure control system, operates handlance and boom options up to 3.5 meters with all the specification of a full sizedconventional sprayer. Very easy to attach, use and maintain.

LOGIC - OBS610 Front Tank 60ltr capacity, can be added to any of the Logic OBS Sprayer range to increase carrying capacity and improve ATV stability by balancing out weight distribution. Attachment is easy using the conventional ‘T’ bolts ot by using straps.

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