A more conventional economical option for grass cutting which is suitable for general topping and ideal for frequent use on paddocks etc. Features triple blades, cutting height range from 20mm to 175mm  with quick and simple height adjustment and an offset drawbar facility.

Standard Features

  • 1.2m cutting width
  • Briggs & Stratton 12.5hp engine or Honda engine (13hp)
  • Triple cutting blades
  • Simple cutting height adjustment from 20mm - 175mm
  • Offset drawbar facility
  • Remote throttle
  • Safety engine ‘kill switch’
  • 50mm swivel tow hitch


  • Electric start (with Honda engine only)
  • Flotation wheels

What does this do?

It’s recommended that grass length in your paddock should ideally be kept to about 5cm in the growing season and about 2cm in the winter. This will provide good grazing during the summer and will provide protection for the paddock surface in the winter when conditions are less good. This topper performs superbly, giving a quick, neat, even cut across the width of the machine. A rotary mower is better suited to larger areas of easier cutting and is quick and simple to operate. To help you decide whether to go for a flail mower such as our MFP, or our TRM120 rotary mower, please read this fact sheet.

Why do I need one?

Grass grows quickly given half a chance, but if it gets too lush there could be a risk of laminitis in some horses or ponies. On a purely practical level, keeping the grass to the recommended length provides good grazing for your horse, but also makes the removal of droppings much easier. Horses will not graze in their ‘latrine’ area and so the grass there becomes long and rank, making the regular removal of droppings that much harder. It’s definitely a case of ‘little and often’ and paddock topping and muck removal go hand in hand when it comes to good paddock management.

Where do I use it?

Paddocks or any grassed area. Never leave any implements out after use where animals can come into contact with them - you can work out why!

How does it work?

The TRM has its own on-board engine which drives three rotary blades in the deck of the machine.

There is a quick and simple height adjustment, giving a range of 20 - 175mm grass height. The drawbar can be offset (useful for accurate edge work). The remote throttle allows you to adjust the engine speed from the comfort of your driving/riding seat. There’s also a kill switch, which sounds scary, but it’s just a safety feature: if you should accidentally leave your quad seat (not very likely, but possible if you’re really determined) there’s a lanyard-operated switch that will instantly kill the mower engine. That stops it running amuck through your prize roses, although you really shouldn’t grow them in your paddock you know.


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