Delimbe T11 Salt Spreaders 70 litre, 120 litre, 250 litre, and 400 litre capacity machines mounted on your vehicle or on a trailed trolley unit. Price start from 910.00 + vat

Electric salter T11

•Electric salter for road DELIMBE.
•Working width 4 metres.
•Distribution plate and no ending screw working with a 12 volts motors.
•Electronic opening-closing command of the hopper.
•Control command box included in cabin.
•Graduated scale from 0 to 30.
•Aluminium chassis and polyethylene hopper 70,120,250 or 400litres.
•Fitted at the back of the vehicle.
•Used with dry or wet salt.
•Speed using between 5 to 15kms/hour.
•Exists also with a trolley with electric light (except for 400l).
•In option, working width regulation from 2 to 4metres.

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